Arquus – expert on wheeled armoured vehicles

Arquus – expert on wheeled armoured vehicles
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04 / 06 / 2024, 23:00

As a major European player in armored vehicles, Arquus offers its French and international customers solutions adapted to their needs. It is part of the GME (temporary company grouping) which supplies the Scorpion program to the French Army. The company will exhibit at Eurosatory 2024.

Arquus, known for its expertise in the production of armored vehicles, is a historic player in the French Army, supplying 90% of its wheeled armoured vehicles. With Mission AIGLE, a French-led military mission deployed to Romania following the activation of the Graduated Response Plans by the Supreme Allied Commander Europe as a response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in 2022, many Arquus vehicles have operated in Romania, demonstrating their mobility, adaptability, and resilience. The following vehicles have been notably deployed:

  • VAB : Forward Armored Vehicle (Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé) - Highly mobile and versatile APC capable of carrying out missions ranging from troop transport to fire support.
  • VBL : Light Armored Vehicle (Véhicule Blindé Léger) - A high mobility 4x4 armored vehicle designed for reconnaissance, scout, cavalry, and infiltration missions.
  • PVP : Small Protected Vehicle (Petit Véhicule Protégé) - A 4x4 armored vehicle designed for protected transport and liaison missions.
  • GBC 180 : An iconic, versatile 6x6 military truck, capable of carrying 4 tons of payload.
  • VT4 : A non-armored 4x4 vehicle, designed for general liaison missions in stabilized areas.
  • VBCI and Caesar produced by KNDS France, with mobility components designed by Arquus.
  • VBMR GRIFFON : Multi-Role Armored Vehicle, produced as part of the Scorpion Program by a temporary group of companies. This 6x6 armored vehicle is primarily used as a troop transport vehicle.


These are just a few examples from Arquus' range, demonstrating the company's commitment to contributing to a safer world by offering states effective, reliable, and mission-adaptable ground systems. Arquus vehicles meet NATO standards, ensuring interoperability with NATO forces.

New generation of tankers

Most recently the company was awarded by the French Procurement Agency (DGA) for a contract to develop and produce the new generation of tankers to renew the current French Army’s fleet. This contract confirmed Arquus as a major player in the design and production of the French Army's armored logistical vehicles. The first batch of 70 vehicles is scheduled for delivery started in 2026, as part of a broader program aiming to provide 376 new generation tanker by 2030, in accordance with the current military programming law (2024–2030).

These new tankers are intended for the armed forces: the Army, the Air and Space Force, as well as the Operational Energy Service. They are designed to meet specific requirements, notably robustness and versatility, requested by their missions. A major element in the logistical chain of the Armed Forces, they ensure fuel supply in challenging and sometimes exposed conditions, contributing to the success of operations.

Three versions have been requested to adapt to different missions:

  • A 20m³ tanker with an armored cabin, known as the “mass transport” CCNG
  • A 12m³ tanker with an armored cabin, known as the versatile “protection device” CCNG
  • A 12m³ tanker with a soft cabin, known as the versatile “unprotected” CCNG

The new generation tankers are based on an 8x8 off-road chassis from the Renault Trucks civilian range. With its experience in the field and its collaboration with Magyar, a company that designs and manufactures tankers, and Desautel, a specialist in fire protection that brings expertise in distribution groups, Arquus confirms its leadership in the logistical component of the French Army.

Arquus Sabre

In the Czech Republic, one of the company’s well known products is the Arquus Sabre, a special forces configuration vehicle, which was presented at the IDET 2023 Brno event. This version of the Arquus Sabre, developed from the French Special Forces PLFS, has been designed in cooperation with the Czech Technical-Military Institute (VTÚ) to meet a specific Czech Army requirement. The vehicle integrates communication systems and weapon systems that specifically meet these specifications. Arquus has proven bases allowing the development of robust solutions adapted to the needs of Special Forces.

Arquus Sabre

The Sabre is a member of Arquus’ special forces and counter terrorism vehicles range which also includes Areg, Torpedo and Patsas. The Sabre vehicle is based on the design of Sherpa light tactical vehicle. The stealthy and extremely mobile platform can perform operations behind the enemy lines and deliver high mobility in extreme conditions. The vehicle has a length of 5.5m, width of 2.5m, height of 2.2m and gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 11t. It has two seats at the front, gunner’s position in the middle and two seats at the rear to house five crew members.

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