Elmon's ballistic solutions at Eurosatory 2024: We stop the highest threats with the minimum possible weight, says Ioannis Galanis

Elmon's ballistic solutions at Eurosatory 2024: We stop the highest threats with the minimum possible weight, says Ioannis Galanis
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05 / 07 / 2024, 10:00

At Eurosatory 2024 in Paris, we had the opportunity to speak with the leading European manufacturer of ballistic vests, plate carriers and helmets, the Greek company Elmon – Greek word for "Helmet". The Corinthian helmet is in the company's emblem. Elmon is going to the IDET fair in Brno in spring 2025.

We are at Eurosatory 2024, day three of the fair, together with the director of the Elmon company, Mr. Galanis, good morning sir.

Good morning. Thank you for having us here in your esteemed magazine.

Thank you. Can you please present your company to our readers and viewers.

Of course. The ELMON company is a 100% Greek company. We are 20 years in the market. Actually in February 2025 we will celebrate 20 years of the continuous operation of our company. We have been regarded as a main supplier for many Ministeries of Defense around Europe and the Middle-East. Our strenght is the quick deliveries in large capacities of quality products. We mainly manufacture body armor systems like bulletproof vest plates, plate carriers, helmets. And among our customers there is of course the Greek Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the UK Ministry of Defense, so we have very strong partners, and we have been a reliable supplier throughout all these year of our operation.

Elmon's exposition at Eurosatory 2024

What is the most recent of most important product you have brought to Eurosatory according to your view?

We are presenting here the Generation 3 plate carrier. It is a very lightweight amour plate which stops 99 % of all threats, in a very low weight which is 1.7 kilos stand alone.

Did you already have any cooperation in the Czech Republic?

To be honest no. It's a market that we are really looking after. And this is the reason we would like to promote our products in the Czech Republic. We are looking for a reliable partner, agent, and work, of course, with the authorities in the Czech Republic.

Next spring we will have a similar fair organized in Brno, and you will be present, is it correct?

Yes, we will be more than honoured to visit your country and promote our products there.

How do you percieve Eurosatory 2024? Did it bring many opportunities for your company so far?

Yes, Eurosatory is the leading exhibition in Europe. We see all the strong names here. And of course, it attracts the large customers and suppliers of the defense industry. And especially during this time of the geopolitical turbulence we see that there are many more opportunities than in the past.

Ioannis Galanis

Your present your ballistic solutions. According to your view, what is the major advantage of your products over your competition?

Elmon is a very flexible company, meaning that we can very quickly adapt to the customer requirements. We can sit down and create a concept from the scratch in a very short time. And our biggest advantage is also the low weight and the high performance. So we stop the highest threats with the minimum possible weight, which is very important for a soldier. Our systems are being regarded as very ergonomic, very usable, and they have been tested on the real battlefield. So these are our main strong points against the competition.

Your approach, when you talk to your customers, as we've discussed before, is that you offer your solutions first to the special forces, and than you exoect that the basic line troops will be also interested, is that correct?

Exactly. Our main customers are the special forces. The special forces always have the highest requirements, and this is what we are good at. So once we build a top product and the special forces like it, everybody than follows. They understand the performance of our equipment, and we get in the broader customer field.

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