Pre-Olympic kidnapping: the second day of Eurosatory 2024 and live demonstrations

Pre-Olympic kidnapping: the second day of Eurosatory 2024 and live demonstrations
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18 / 06 / 2024, 21:15

Eurosatory, the largest arms fair in Europe, continues with a second day full of events and presentations. Despite the rainy weather, which caused complications especially for the outdoor exhibits and presentations, the fair attracted many visitors.

Mud and adrenaline: live demonstrations of multi-purpose vehicles

Today's weather brought significant complications for the outdoor presentations, with the man-made arena transformed into a swamp of mud and water. However, spectators had a unique opportunity to see the capabilities of the multi-purpose vehicles in extreme conditions. The arena included a steep hill with a 60 percent grade that tested the limits of the machines on display. Among the most prominent exhibitors on the first day were companies such as ST Engineering DSTA with the Bronco, TECHNAMM with the Masstech T6, and Arquus with the Fortress MK2. Demonstrations included the Essential Decon decontamination system from KNDS, which effectively cleaned the Fortress MK2 vehicle from a fictitious chemical attack, and realistically also from mud. Despite the rain, the vehicles demonstrated their durability and ability to overcome obstacles, which was enthusiastically appreciated by the audience.

Bronco vehicle


RAID: Demonstration of the French Strike Force

Today's live demonstrations continued with a demonstration of the capabilities of the French RAID units, a specialised police response group. In front of a packed auditorium on muddy terrain, the units performed a scenario aimed at dealing with a terrorist threat. The French-dubbed demonstration included a scenario involving the kidnapping of a sports delegation ahead of the Olympic Games and the subsequent intervention to free the hostages and apprehend the kidnappers. The demonstration included snipers, two armoured vehicles - a Centurion and a Black Wulf - and rapid response RAID units that effectively handled the challenging conditions and demonstrated their readiness for crisis situations.

Live demonstration


New from MBDA: LCM (Land Cruise Missile) 

MBDA presented at the fair a new missile system LCM (Land Cruise Missile), designed for land-based precision strikes. Based on the naval version in the French Navy's armoury, this system demonstrates European expertise in deep precision strike. The LCM is a unique solution for land-based cruise missiles, designed and manufactured in Europe. This system represents a significant step forward in European defence and sovereignty.



Highlights of Eurosatory 2024


Visiting the KNDS site at Eurosatory 2024 was fascinating. The campus is by far the largest of the entire Eurosatory. Almost all the main KNDS machines are on display in the outdoor area. Among the most attractive are undoubtedly the new Leopard 2A-RC 3.0 tank, as well as the world-famous Caesar 6x6 and 8x8 howitzers, the Nexter Titus and the impressive Jaguar armoured vehicle. These machines represent cutting-edge technology and innovation in military technology.
Leopard 2 A-RC 3.0 by KNDS

General Dynamics

The General Dynamics campus at Eurosatory 2024 is truly impressive, especially with the ASCOD, Pandur and Piranha machines showcasing cutting-edge technology and innovation in armoured vehicles. The ASCOD, developed in collaboration between Austria and Spain, is a highly mobile medium tracked vehicle weighing 26-35 tonnes, with a speed of up to 72 km/h and a range of 600 km. It can carry up to 8 soldiers. The Pandur is a modular wheeled vehicle available in 6x6 and 8x8 variants, with a weight of 13-17 tonnes and a top speed of 100 km/h. It offers modular armament and capacity for up to 12 paratroopers. The Piranha from General Dynamics is a wheeled armoured vehicle known for its durability and flexibility. The newest variant, the Piranha Heavy Mission Carrier (HMC), is equipped with a 10x10 drive, weighs up to 40 tons and has a payload capacity of 17 tons. The Piranha HMC is designed for a variety of missions including direct and indirect fire, air defence and tactical bridging.

Piranha by General Dynamics


John Cockerill

John Cockerill's display at Eurosatory 2024 was very impressive. We saw models like the Cockerill 1030, Cockerill i-X and Cockerill 3105. The Cockerill 1030 is a lightweight and modular turret with a 30mm gun, designed for high mobility and flexibility. The Cockerill i-X is a fast, lightweight ground interceptor that combines stealth technology and high firepower. The Cockerill 3105 is equipped with a 105mm cannon and is part of a modular turret line, offering direct fire support and high effectiveness.

Eurosatory 2024 continues until the end of the week and we will continue to bring you updates directly from the scene. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest news and updates from Eurosatory!

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