Top 10 Highlights of Eurosatory 2024 by Security Magazine

Top 10 Highlights of Eurosatory 2024 by Security Magazine
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03 / 07 / 2024, 10:00

Eurosatory 2024, one of the most important international trade fairs for defence and security technology, once again brought a number of innovative and attractive products. The editors of Security Magazine have selected the ten most interesting systems, weapons and technologies from different areas and countries of origin that attracted the most attention at the fair.

Area of Heavy Machinery

KNDS Deutschland, Germany: the Leopard 2A-RC 3.0 Main Battle Tank 


The Leopard 2A-RC 3.0  represents the next evolutionary step in the line of the well-known Leopard tanks. The new version is equipped with a 140mm cannon and other upgrades such as improved ballistic protection and increased mobility that enhance its combat capabilities and battlefield survivability. The tank also incorporates advanced digital fire control and navigation systems. Its major official features include reduced manning, lower MBT weight, gun calibre and modularity of the machine. It is clear that the Germans have given considerable thought to the design of the machine. 

Leopard 2A-RC 3.0 KNDS Eurosatory 2024

PGZ, Obrum, Poland: the MS-20 bridge vehicle 


The Polish MS-20 bridge vehicle, also known as the "Daglezja", is designed to quickly bridge obstacles on the battlefield. The vehicle can deploy a bridge up to 20 meters long in 10 minutes without technical preparation, which significantly speeds up operations. The MS-20 is equipped with an automated bridge folding system and is capable of carrying loads weighing over 60 tonnes.

PGZ, Obrum, MS-20

Area of Light Armoured Vehicles

Arquus, France: light armoured vehicle Sherpa 


The Sherpa is a versatile light armoured vehicle that is suitable for various types of missions. Its high mobility makes it the ideal choice for reconnaissance and transport operations. The vehicle is equipped with certified protection according to STANAG 4569 standard, ensuring a high level of safety for the crew during deployment. The Sherpa can be equipped with various weapon systems and other customizations according to user requirements. A Sabre version, designed for special operations, was also unveiled at the fair.

Sherpa Scout Eurosatory 2024

Area of Artillery Technology

Hanwha, South Korea: Chunmoo Salvo Rocket Launcher


The Chunmoo is an advanced rocket launcher system that excels in high mobility and accuracy. It can fire various types of missiles, including 239mm cruise missiles with a range of up to 80 kilometers. The Polish army has already included these devices in its armament. Thanks to the automatic reloading system, the speed of the machine is significantly increased and, above all, its ability to quickly disappear from the firing position, which is currently considered one of the most important advantages of modern military machines. 

Hanwha Chunmoo Eurosatory 2024

GDELS, Spain: the Pandur II 6x6 with CROSSBOW mortar system 


The Pandur II 6x6 is a modern armoured vehicle equipped with Elbit's CROSSBOW mortar system, which significantly increases firepower and flexibility on the battlefield. This system supports various types of NATO 120mm ammunition, including the Iron Sting guided mine with a range of up to 10 kilometres. The turret does not require index loading and allows full 360° firing. In addition, the Pandur II 6x6 features a modular design that allows easy modification for different missions.

Pandur II 6x6 Eurosatory 2024

Area of air defence and C-UAS

Argus Interception, Germany: system for Critical Infrastructure Protection against Drones


This UAV system provides comprehensive protection against drone threats, ensuring the safety of critical infrastructure. With advanced radar and optoelectronic sensors, it can detect and neutralize drones of various sizes and types. The Argus Interception system is designed for rapid deployment upon arrival on site and requires minimal logistical support. Interception drones are also equipped with a net that will not damage the intercepted UAV, but at the same time prevent it from further flight.

Argus Interception Eurosatory 2024

DefTech, Slovakia: Armoured Vehicle WOLF 25 C-UAS


WOLF 25 C-UAS is an armoured vehicle equipped with advanced systems for drone detection and neutralization. For this purpose, it uses AESA AMMR radar, which provides 360-degree coverage, and a KBA 25mm cannon with high firing cadence, providing effective defense against various types of drone threats. The vehicle is designed for operations in challenging terrain conditions.

DefTech WOLF 25 C-UAS Eurosatory 2024

Rheinmetall, Germany: the Skyranger 35 on Leopard tank chassis


The Skyranger 35 combines the mobility of a Leopard tank with an advanced air defence system, making it a powerful means of countering airborne threats. This system is equipped with a 35mm automatic cannon and advanced radar sensors to ensure high effectiveness against aircraft and drones. The turret has an elevation of up to 85 degrees and uses AHEAD munitions that explode near the target, scattering hundreds of projectiles. These then destroy the object in mid-air. The Skyranger 35 is designed for rapid response to aerial threats and has a radar range of 30 kilometres.

Hybrid PVO Leopard 2 a Skyranger 35 Rheinmetall Eurosatory 2024

Ballistic Protection and Small Arms

Elmon, Greece: ACHILLEAS TACTICAL WITH MOLLE, Ballistic Vest 


The ACHILLEAS Tactical Ballistic Vest offers a high level of protection and modularity thanks to the MOLLE system, allowing the equipment to be adapted to the user's needs. The vest is designed for maximum comfort and mobility without sacrificing protection against ballistic threats. The vest is made of waterproof 500D Cordura material and its inner part is made of 100% breathable material.

The ACHILLEAS Tactical Ballistic Vest Eurosatory 2024

Colt CZ Group, Czech Republic CZ: BREN 3 


The new generation of the BREN 3 assault rifle was presented at Eurosatory 2024. This weapon, designed for use in the harshest conditions, brings several innovations compared to its predecessors. The BREN 3 features 5.56×45 NATO and 300 AAC Blackout calibers, a longer forearm with M-LOK interface, full ambidextrous controls and a new stock. It also introduces an improved recoil system for better fire control and a three-position powder gas regulator to optimize function when using a suppressor.

BREN 3 Eurosatory 2024




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