Forgotten battle in Libya

Forgotten battle in Libya
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07 / 11 / 2017, 11:00

For a long time now, Israeli experts have been warning about the forgotten battle in Libya. Here in the Czech republic we are so far from Libya that we might think it has nothing to do with us, and why should we in europe listen to the experts from another region.

Others might just say that what happens in the Middle East is none of our concern and definitely in the Czech republic we should care more  about the new government and parliament being created.

Well, they are wrong. As a loyal resident and a czech citizen i am happy so far there have been no terrorist attacks and we can go to sleep feeling safe at night.

However being  who I am. And coming from Israel i can tell you that in my opinion, the whole Europe is in constant danger, and we here should carefully follow the events in the Midle East and today I would like to explain why even Libya can affect us here in the Czech republic.

Everyone knows that Libya had a ruler called Muammar Gaddafi. In his time Libya was not trusted by most western countries  but it had stability mostly because of two reasons. It supplied the west oil, and controlled the way to an island called Lampedusa, which is a contact point from Africa to Italy.

After Gaddafi was killed, Libya got seperated into un unified territories with different leaders ,the libyan army that was until than one of the strongest in the world fell apart and  Libya fell into chaos. This was used by ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other radical islamic groups to turn Libya into a terrorists ideal.

The lack of political security and the difficult financial situation makes Libya a heaven for jihadists and they find many new recruits among its habitants. Lately with the fall of ISIS in Syria and Irak, and the dissolving of a local group called Ansar al sharia, ISIS is enjoying Libya for three major missions:

 1.  Regrouping and training

 2.  Recruiting new members

 3.  Sending back to Europe Europeans that fought in Irak and Syria, and sending fighters to Europe in disguise of refugees.

Unlike Syria and irak,in Libya there is no strong resistence to the jihadi groups, actually there is support from many libyan leaders. There is also a huge amount of weapons  in the hands of terrorists.

Add to that drug traficking, imigrant trafficking, kidnapping  for randsom, no wonder more and more jihadists are getting to Libya and plan there attacks against us.

ISIS is not  the strongest group there but it is the main threat to us in Europe since it is now concentrating on terrorist attacks backed by its ideaology, on foreign land, and it has capabilities and resources for it. In Libya it finds all that it needs to continue and flourish.

Most attacks in Europe came from ISIS followers, or ISIS ideology supporters, we estimate there are thousands of ISIS fighters all over Europe and the effect one terrorist act has on us is more than a thousand accidents or ten storms.

People react with fear to terror, and governments know it. So, the reason why Libya is so important and dangerous for us is that it is used to regrouping recruiting, financing , training and geting to europe of terrorists looking to avenge us, all that we are afraid of is done from Libya.

What can be done?

It is not easy to solve the libyan problem , it is not a foreign policy  priority for international powers. It is divided, and has no strong support. it also lacks finance. But a lot can be done.

First, lets admit that talking and mentioning the problem  is a good start, the reason why ISIS is defeated ( the state, not the ideology ) is because of huge media interest and showing of the horrible murders and danger it was to us all. Talking about it forced world leaders to solve it.

There should be a huge change in the way we see Libya, we should support local entities fighting ISIS and the other Al- Quaeda affiliated groups, stabilize the region, send more troops and money, and hunt down recruiters and supporters.

It is very important to improve border management,  to start gathering and using  information, and try to politically unite different sides in Libya to share information  work together, and end the security vacuum.

It is not easy but as we know, it is possible, and it can be done…


Autor: David Bohbot


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