The name ISIS is here to stay

The name ISIS  is here to stay
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23 / 12 / 2017, 18:00

When ISIS started gaining name in the media i said that it does not mater the name of the group, the ideology is what is important. I was wrong.

This name brought many young men to believe it is possible to do something that over 93 years was considered impossible, to recreate the Khalifat and have a khalif, a living replacement for Muhammad and his continuers, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman etc.

On its peak on 2014, isis controlled 100,000 km and about 13 million people, it was titled the richest terror organization ever, with about 3 billion dollars earning a year, today it loses control every day, earns around 200 million dolars, and loses in all battles it fights, all but one... the battle over the hearts of jihadists worldwide.

So, what is the problem you might ask? Everything!!

Don’t think that the short time isis lasted is not a huge success for the radical islamists, it is a success because it means that they have shown it is possible to take over a huge land very fast, and they showed how easy it is to radicalize millions and revive the hope for islamic world domination.

They were not stopped by foreign powers like many think, ISIS failed because it was not “friendly” to local, and other, muslim groups.

Western powers could not have defeated ISIS without the help of local groups and the ununified muslim communities.

In fact even the death of the founder of the khalifat, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is not taken too bad by those fanatic radicals. Just like him, three of the four original khalifs were murdered. This is not a bad sign for them.

Actually, Al-Qaeda has exactly stated that this will happen, but even they did not expect the incredible respond to the call… Islamic state.

As usual I finish my articles in a question, what can be done?

The answer is not much about the popularity and support for radical islam. The muslim community is not admitting there is a problem, most muslims just say that this group is not relevant, they don’t represent the islam, and others simply support the general idea and will lie to you.

Most muslims are not jihadists, saying that all muslims are terrorists is a lie and not fair. However the muslim communities are not doing enough and though not all muslims are terrorists, most terrorists are muslim and I don’t see any jews or Christians driving over people with a bus.

That is why I say that borders should be closed for new imigrants to Europe, it is hard for them but I care about my safety first. Why should we risk it? We can support them with money and also send them elsewere.

Comparing it to Jews that ran from the naziz is nonsense, Jews were not a threat to the new countries, on the opposite, they contributed and helped.

The second thing is a much better cooperation between European intelligence agencies and the police. It is impossible to monitor a person that can move freely between countries when each country follows him on its own and does not share the information with the other European countries, letting him escape and hurt us [ remember the paris attacks]

Last thing, there are no discounts when fighting terror, we should hunt terrorists, follow them, and cut there financing and communication possibilities.

Let us be hard on those that want to hurt us so that any European citizen, Christian muslim jewish or budhist that wants to live here peacefully, will be able to do so.


Author: David Bohbot

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