Who wants something new and different cooperates with M2C

Who wants something new and different cooperates with M2C
18 / 10 / 2020, 08:00

New technologies are gaining importance every day, helping us to adapt to the new reality. We asked Mr Matěj Bárta, CEO and owner of M2C and, among others, Vice Chairman of the international association of security professionals ASIS in Slovakia and the Czech Republic about his view of the Slovak market.

  • The Slovak market has undergone several political and economic changes. How is your business here doing?

Our company has been operating here for over two decades and we are glad that this branch is experiencing a long-term growth. We have been affected by these changes, in a way that until now costs on employees have been growing at a faster pace and we have had to adapt to this faster than our customers. Political changes do not affect us, as we do not work with the state.

  • What do you mean, that you adapted faster than customers and how did you deal with the cost increase?

We had to reflect legal changes and thus increase our costs on employees without customers paying for these cost increase at the same pace as the costs were growing. This is why our branch in previous years experienced an economic downturn. Among other things, unlike other companies, we pay employees properly and according to the law. We're one of the few.

The situation did not stay without a reaction and an important measure was and still is that our technology department has introduced fantastic technical products reducing physical strength and streamlining operational activities.

  • Well, I guess the employees don't like that, do they?

It is better to have fewer employees but adequately paid than many employees with below-average remuneration. Otherwise, we take really good care about our employees and therefore we pass many CSR audits (note: corporate social responsibility). Unlike other companies, we do not pay in cash, we respect given costs on employees and we want a long-term cooperation with our employees.

  • Most companies complain about staff shortages. Do you have the same experience in Slovakia?

Despite the fact that unemployment is relatively low, we provide our services without problems. We have a well-developed personnel and recruitment system and we do not underestimate the motivation of employees. Thanks to surveys on employee satisfaction, we know that they are very satisfied with us, in comparison to their previous employers.

  • Is there really such interest in these technical products? It is often said that costs are rising, it is necessary to streamline, automate, but then, there is suddenly no mood to change anything. What is your view?

If I look at it in comparison with other countries, in Slovakia, selling technologies that replace labour or automate processes is going really well. Of course, sometimes we come across conservative people who do not want to change anything because they would have to leave the bubble, they work in. They feel that if “things work" for them for several years, then they do not need to change anything.

  • What breakthrough technologies are currently those most demanded by clients?

In the foreground is the expansion of the remote administration of buildings, areas, gatehouses, cargo ramps, etc. Great cooperation is where the client wants to change something and have a modern security system. We provide variety of products to achieve such improvement. A few examples. We can remotely operate the cargo gatehouses, even with the control of the material, the driver and we even know if the driver is allowed to enter the premises. We are able to install our self-developed product e-Reception to personnel gatehouse or a reception. When you authorize yourself, you get a card, and you move around the building only where permitted. Software solutions represent a huge chapter. They, for example, analyze the movement of people around the building, crowding, traffic and the customer continuously receives information through the mobile app.

  • What impact does the current Covid situation have on your business?

Let's see how long it all takes and what the consequences will be. The impact of the situation on us is that we feel more pressure on the range of services provided. Concerning strictly given costs by the state, it is difficult to do anything with unit prices. A lot of people tend to question the necessity of some work positions or certain activities performed.This perfectly meets with what we offer. We were preparing for a personnel crisis, and a pandemic crisis came.

  • M2C is a Czech company with an international scope of operations, in what other countries besides Slovakia do you work?

We primarily operate in the European region, from the Netherlands and Belgium, through central Europe, the Balkans up to Russia or Turkey.

  • And how do you manage the Slovak branch?

Local colleagues are experienced, highly-competent and long-term members of the M2C collective. So, the result of our position in the market is their merit to a great extent. Of course, we maintain equal standards and products everywhere, but at the same time, we must respect the local market.

  • And how do you see you company on the Slovak market?

Our company is exclusively focused on cooperation with the commercial sector. We do not have any government contracts. But overall, I can say that we have managed to build a reputable name in the market and the position of one of the respected providers. Who wants something new, or different collaborates with M2C.

  • You mentioned that peoplein Slovakia are more open to new technologies. What fields does your client portfolio consist of?

We have been operating in Slovakia since 1995, M2C has a separate branch here, which has more than 850 employees. Our portfolio ranges from private companies to large corporations. For example, the shopping centres Eurovea and Central, but we also provide services for industrial and logistics clients such as Coca Cola, Gefco, Plastic Omnium, Pannatoni or Ikea.

  • And what contracts of your company do you find interesting?

For us, every customer is interesting and important. It is our standard to have the same care. But I can probably talk about operationally interesting projects. These include nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic, cargo terminals for Menzies and airports in general, Volkswagen factories in Poland, or Coca Cola factories from the Balkans to the Baltic Sea.

JUDr. Matěj Bárta, 41 years, graduated from the Police Academy in Bratislava. Since 2008, a General Director of M2C and after the purchase of a half share from the previous shareholder, also the owner of the company.

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